The Grudge – Tool

I can’t believe I haven’t put up a Tool song yet.  Tool is easily the most important band for me and my musical tastes.  They’re a hard rock band which is how I got introduced to them, but their weirdness is what really made them important to me.  Up until I discovered Tool, I was listening to mostly radio friendly hard rock music.  Tool opened my eyes to prog music.  I’m a huge modern prog fan because of Tool.  I listened to Lateralus on repeat in my first car all the way through high school.  Easily the single most important album of my life.  As I was learning to play guitar and learning more advanced techniques, I learned how to play almost every song they’ve ever made.  I can’t recall all of it now, but I still have a lot of that muscle memory in my fingers.  Tool has a weird reputation now, and Tool fans have an even weirder reputation.  That’s unfortunate, because they’re a really smart band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

This song is basically the anthem of my teenage angst.  I absolutely love this song, and Maynard‘s scream at the end was so identifiable.  He was screaming all the frustration that I had as a young man trying to figure out how to navigate life.  This song is a classic, and I can guarantee there will be more Tool posted in the future.

Basket Case – Green Day

Last week I talked about Linkin Park and how much simple riffs helped drive and motivate me to stick with the guitar.  Basket Case is literally the first real song I ever learned on the guitar.  I had a crappy little knock-off amp and my Squire, and I could not believe I was making the same sounds I heard in this song.  This is literally the song that drove me to learn the guitar.  Basket Case (and the whole Dookie album) showed me that music can be heavy and melodic at the same time.  I love the song, the album, and it’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Points of Authority – Linkin Park

I haven’t listened to Linkin Park in years.  One of their songs come on the radio while I was driving around, and it reminded me of when I was first learning to play the guitar.  The main song from this riff is one of the very first things I ever learned to play.  The song is tuned to Drop D, and the riff is made up of three power chords. At the time I was just getting into heavier music, and the ability to replicate the sounds I was into at the time was a revelation t0 me.  It was those early experiences that made me fall in love with the guitar.  My musical tastes have moved past Linkin Park, but this song will always have a special place in my heart.