Malazan Reread of the Fallen

The end of an era. My favorite blog on the internet is getting the axe.

I was planning to have a review of Pandora’s Star and a discussion of the Mass Effect series up this week, but I got the news that the Malazan reread of the Fallen was cancelled.  I wanted to eulogize them a bit, so I pushed back my other posts.  I might have a post up tomorrow, but the cancellation threw a wrench in my post plans and I never really caught up this week.  Back to normal posting next week.

The Malazan Reread of the Fallen is a series of blog posts dissecting chapter by chapter the books of the Malazan series.  The blog has been going for seven years now, with each post being written by Bill Capossere and Amanda Rutter.  Bill writes a recap of the chapter and adds discussiong from the perspective of a rereader.  Amanda is new to the series and writes discussion from the perspective of a first time reader.  This format is perfect for a series like Malazan.  The books are huge, they’re densely written, and they’re very detailed.  Having a recap of the chapters events and discussions from both a new reader and an old reader helped make reading through these books easier and more enjoyable.  If you read about Malazan on Goodreads, the Malazan Empire, or forum posts, you’ll invariably run into someone recommending this blog to help new readers make sense of the books.

On Wednesday, announced the end of the Malazan Reread of the fallen.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts how important the reread has been for me in pushing through the Malazan books the first time.  The insight the summaries give after each chapter help fill in the gaps in your understanding, and the discussions from the different perspectives make reading through the books much more accessible.  I would be shocked if the reread didn’t contribute to Steven Erikson’s bottom line.  I don’t know what Tor’s reasoning is for cancelling the reread, but I think it’s extremely misguided.  I know some people are trying to put together a patreon to keep the reread going, but who knows.  It’s just really unfortunate, we’re right in the middle of a book right now and the cancellation came out of no where.  If my posts about Malazan have convinced you to read the books, check out the reread.  It’s a great resource and it’s helped many people appreciate Malazan that much more.

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