The Grudge – Tool

I can’t believe I haven’t put up a Tool song yet.  Tool is easily the most important band for me and my musical tastes.  They’re a hard rock band which is how I got introduced to them, but their weirdness is what really made them important to me.  Up until I discovered Tool, I was listening to mostly radio friendly hard rock music.  Tool opened my eyes to prog music.  I’m a huge modern prog fan because of Tool.  I listened to Lateralus on repeat in my first car all the way through high school.  Easily the single most important album of my life.  As I was learning to play guitar and learning more advanced techniques, I learned how to play almost every song they’ve ever made.  I can’t recall all of it now, but I still have a lot of that muscle memory in my fingers.  Tool has a weird reputation now, and Tool fans have an even weirder reputation.  That’s unfortunate, because they’re a really smart band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

This song is basically the anthem of my teenage angst.  I absolutely love this song, and Maynard‘s scream at the end was so identifiable.  He was screaming all the frustration that I had as a young man trying to figure out how to navigate life.  This song is a classic, and I can guarantee there will be more Tool posted in the future.

Author: Ben Jones

Blogger. Husband. Doofus.

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