Update – Pandora’s Star

Trying to muscle through a book that’s not grabbing my attention.

I’m trying to keep up with this book, but its been a bit of a challenge for me.  This is my first “hard sci-fi” book in a long time, and I don’t know if I’m built for it.  I’ve always enjoyed sci-fi, but I definitely lean much more towards fantasy.  And I’m not afraid of difficult reading, my favorite author is Steven Erikson for crying out loud.  I just don’t know that deep sci-fi like this can hold my attention.

I’m only about 15% through this book after a few weeks.  Granted, it’s a big book and I haven’t made much time to read.  While I am finding it hard to find a rhythm, I am enjoying aspects of the story.  The second chapter was a very cool Ocean’s 11-esque smuggling story, and it was really cool to see the deal go down from both the smugglers and the law enforcement perspectives simultaneously.  However, the characterization of the individual characters so far is pretty weak.  The characters all feel very distant and far away, I don’t feel any kind of connection with any of them.

I’m hoping that with the holidays over, I can find more time to power through this book.  I might have different expectations as well, maybe I just need to let this book be itself and appreciate it for what it is.  Either way, look for an update on this book soon.

Author: Ben Jones

Blogger. Husband. Doofus.

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