Baby Reveal

First ultrasound, and we told our family and friends we’re pregnant.

Last week we finally told our family and friends that we were pregnant.  We’ve been keeping this secret for about a month, so it was really fun sharing our news with the people we care about.

We had our first ultrasound last Wednesday morning.  I posted a couple weeks ago about my anxiety, but it really ended up being no big deal.  My wife and I were so excited to see our baby moving and to hear its heartbeat, we barely registered anything else.  Leading up to the appointment, we had known about the baby for a month.  Because we hadn’t shared our news with anyone, the baby seemed like a far off possibility, rather than a soon to be reality.  Seeing our baby on screen was a big game changer for us.  That, combined with actually telling people about the baby, made this whole pregnancy seem a lot more real for both of us.

Everyone had a super positive reaction when we gave them the news.  My mom specifically — she saw the ultrasound picture and practically dove into me and my wife and started crying.  It was a very sweet moment.  We saw a few people in person, but we ended up having to call most of our family and friends.

I mentioned in that previous post how I was worried about my wife’s parents reactions.  Her mom was the one we were most worried about, and at first she seemed like she was annoyed that we didn’t say  anything sooner.  But she quickly got over it and was excited for us.  All in all it was a really exciting and fun day.

My wife is diabetic, so her pregnancy is high risk.  She will be monitored by her OB/GYN every two weeks, so I’ll continue to provide updates as we move along.  I know there are going to be struggles and challenges — especially with her diabetes, but this was a great day and we’re both so excited for what this baby means for our little family.

Author: Ben Jones

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