Potential Job Offer

I might be getting out of my current job sooner than I expected.

So I finally got a lead on a job that I think is going to work out.  I’ve been struggling recently because I haven’t found anything that hits any of my criteria: working in web design, working closer to home, better PTO, guaranteed paternity leave, better benefits, among other.  This job doesn’t hit all of those criteria but it is a big improvement and it could help get to a better job in the future.

I currently work in I.T. for a local government entity.  A big part of my job for the last five or so years has been developing and supporting our department’s electronic health record (EHR).  I found a job with a hospital in town.  They’re moving to a new EHR in January and they need someone to keep their legacy EHR running for a while during the transition.

I was contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn about the a job as an implementer for the aforementioned project a few weeks back and I almost took that job.  The recruiter talked up all the cool aspects of the job.  However he failed to mention that PTO was 7 days, paternity leave was murky, benefits weren’t great, the position was contract to hire and not permanent, and I’d be expected to work 70 hour work weeks during the go live period.  That go live period would fall at a time that I will likely have a 4 month old baby.

I found this new job online and I was initially interested because it was posted in the town I live in.  This turned out to be a typo, the job is actually in the town I already commute to everyday.  While that disappointing news tempered my excitement for the job, I found out that this job starts with the same PTO I’ve worked up to at my current job (4 weeks), the benefits are the same or better, the paternity leave is solid, and it’s about a 20% increase in pay.  And, I’d be getting away from my current boss!  The job is with the same hospital that first recruitment was for.  So instead of coming on as an implementer for their new system as a contractor, I’m going to be supporting their existing systems as a permanent employee.

Looking back on how this all shook out, I can clearly see the hand of God in this. I’ve mentioned in passing that I’m a practicing Christian, so if that turns you off you can skip this paragraph.  My wife told me on a Wednesday morning that we were pregnant.  At the time, I was feeling really down about the job hunt.  An hour later, I got a call for an immediate interview for that first contracted position.  Because of the news about the baby, I felt my priorities change.  Instead of selfishly wanting out of my current job just because I struggle with my boss and my workload, I saw the benefits I have here.  Because of this, I turned down the first offer.  Now, I have a much better opportunity with the same organization all because my wife called me right before the first offer.  Either that’s a crazy coincidence, or God was influencing my life to hold out for something better.

I spoke with the recruiter for the new position and they sound really excited about me.  I applied yesterday and from the sounds of things, they want to get to the interviews ASAP, so probably next week.  Things are very exciting right now, next week we get to see our first ultrasound and I might be getting a job offer.  It’s been a rough few months for me with the job hunt, and it looks like things might be turning around.

Author: Ben Jones

Blogger. Husband. Doofus.

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