Job Hunting

Chronicling my ongoing struggles finding a job.

I’ve been working on building my web development skills for about 5 months now. I’m getting pretty good at manipulating HTML and CSS. I’m currently working mostly on Javascript and jQuery now, as I feel like most of the jobs I’ve seen doing design work use these four languages as a foundation.

The Goal

My ideal situation right now would be find a part time job somewhere in town to work on web projects.  I’d really like something that requires a lot of diverse skills and languages, as I’d like a broad palette of skills to draw from.  Right now I’m working full time at my current job, but I’d really like to find a part time web dev gig and cut my current job down to part time.

The Problem

My biggest problem right now is motivation.  I don’t see my wife much during the week, so the weekends I try to spend with her.  And every weekday I work long hours, so it can be hard to force myself to spend more hours looking at a screen when I’m off. I know that this is a personal problem and that there’s no one to blame for it but myself.  But it’s still difficult, because I really want to do web development long term.  If I could, I would just quit my current job and let my wife support us for a little bit until I was skilled enough to get hired.

I’ve had a couple interviews recently, and they’ve gone pretty well.  I felt personable and relaxed, and I have a pretty good resume from a technical perspective.  Unfortunately  none of that technical experience is directly related to coding or web work.  I think my biggest problem right now is one of two things:  I think people see my resume and see me as overqualified (ie: expensive) so they don’t give me an interview, or I get the interview but my inexperience in web development is too much of a hurdle for an employer to take a chance on me.

The Solution

I’m still applying for new positions all the time.  I have a couple friends that are self employed, and I’ve started building web sites for them without telling them.  I’m going to present the websites to these friends and tailor the websites to their specifications.  Hopefully, if I have websites under my belt from viable companies, that will help me get hired.

However, my wife and I have started trying to start a family.  If this web stuff isn’t working out, I may need to consider other options.  I’ve already started looking at positions at a local hospital that is much closer to home than my current job.  I’m currently commuting 45 minutes every day to and from work, and this hospital is 10 minutes away.  I’m very confident I can get hired at this hospital, so that’s a viable backup plan.  I really want this web stuff to work out though, I’ve put a lot of time and energy into it and I really feel passionate about it.  I guess we’ll just see what happens, I’m striving to follow my dream of being a web developer but I’m grounding myself in the reality that a normal nine to five might be the best solution for my family, at least for the next few years.

Author: Ben Jones

Blogger. Husband. Doofus.

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